Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку (6 класс)

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Олимпиада по английскому языку (6 класс)

Класс – 6, Уровень – pre - intermediate

Используемые ресурсы: http//:intellektsystem.net


1.К данным существительным муж. рода укажите соответствующие существительные жен. рода.

1 A man,

2 a boy,

3 a brother,

4 an uncle,

5 a husband,

6 a father,

7 a grandfather,

8 a poet,

9 a lion,

10 a tiger,

11 a son,

12 a nephew,

13 a cousin,

14 a bull,

15 a king,

16 a prince,

17 a duke,

18 a waiter,

19 a widower.

2. Выбери правильный ответ

20.The teacher asked … read the next paragraph.

A)her toB)her that sheC)that she

21.I don't understand … you're trying to say to me.


22.I … to walk until I was nearly two.

A)couldn'tB)wasn't ableC)didn't able

23Her grandfather … a policeman in London .

A )used to beB)used to beingC)is used to be

24.Susan is going … holiday next Christmas.

A)onB)at aC)to a

25.Visitors are expected … between 9.00 and 11.00 daily.

A)arriveB)arrivingC)to arrive

26.… he studied hard, he didn't pass the exam.

A)HoweverB)Even thoughC)Despite

27."… the truth”, his mother said.

A)Tell meB)Say to meC)Tell to me

28.She usually takes a sandwich to school … she gets hungry.

A)in caseB)althoughC)however

29.Look out! That stack of plates … any moment now.

A)will fallB)is going to fallC)is falling

3 Выбери правильный ответ

30.Today only about five hundred Amur … live in the Far Eastern forests.


31.When he … the answer, he usually puts up his hand.


32.It has … a wonderful day!


33.The ship set … for Jamaica .


34.She threw the ball … into the air.


35World … II broke out in September 1939.


36.Let me give you a … of advice.


37.I bought a … of shoes yesterday.


38.She wore her hair in a … .


39.You'd be … stiff in a job like that.


4. Это история о моряках, которые долгое время провели на острове. Чтобы ее прочитать, расположите абзацы в правильном порядке. Результаты занесите в табличку.


a. The poor men grew very thin and weak. They were beginning to lose all hope of life, when great flocks of penguins came to the beach. Now the sailors could get a lot of penguin eggs which were good to eat. So the penguins saved their lives. The penguins stayed for about three months; when their young ones could swim, they all disappeared one night in the direction of the south.

b. Far out in the Atlantic Ocean, about midway between Africa and South America and over a thousand miles from the land, there is a group of three small islands.

c. Some time after a ship landed there, and the sailors left the island. They told many interesting things about penguins.

d. For six months the sailors lived very well. They killed many seals and hunted wild pigs and goats. Then a sad accident happened: there was a terrible storm in the sea and their ship sank with all their meat and guns. Now they were shut up in that little island. Winter was coming on, and they had very little food to eat.

e. Two sailors, who knew and liked this peaceful place, decided to live there for some time. There were very many seals there, and they could catch and kill them for food. They built a hut near the shore, where there was a beautiful waterfall of sweet spring water. They could climb up high hills where there were wild pigs and goats.

40 (1)

41 (2)

42 (3)

43 (4)

44 (5)

5. Прочитайте рассказ о старом слоне и его хозяине. Заполните пропуски необходимыми словами. Слова выбирайте из таблицы.

animal                   elephant                 ship                      cub

trunk                      money                  words                   mountain

market                   ears                        owner                    actor

A circus owner once came to India. One day he went to the (45)___________. An Indian market is a wonderful place. You can buy there whatever you want. The man wanted to buy some unusual (46)_______________: a snake, a tiger (47)__________ or a peacock. But suddenly he saw an elephant. The (48)_______________ was big and grey with a very long  (49)_____________and big (50)________________. It was like a real (51)_________________! The man came to the seller: “How much is the elephant?” – “I don’t sell him”, said the man, “he is my friend. Now he is very old and can’t work. I am poor and he eats a lot. I don’t have enough (52)_____________________ to buy food for him.” “Then what do you want to do with him?” asked the circus owner. “I hope that someone would like to become his new (53)_________________ and take care of him for the rest of his life”, answered the man. The circus owner thought for a while then he said:  “I am a circus owner. I would like to take him with me. I think he will be a good (54) ______________ at my circus.” “Where is your circus?” asked the man. “I live far from here, in Europe. We’ll go there by (55)_______________. The ship is leaving tomorrow. If you want I may take you to Europe too.” The Indian man was surprised at such (56)___________. But then he said: “I haven’t got a family. This elephant is my real friend and I would like to go with you.” The next morning they left for Europe. Ali (it was the name of the Indian man) lived with his elephant in the circus, took good care of him and in the evenings they took part in the performances together.

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